On the XAMPP War-Path…

Pulling my head out of the Windows stack for a while, not that ASP.NET doesn’t work for me – it does; I’m simply tasked to support another stack.  A world somewhat foreign to me.  The world of Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Not sure what the X and P surrounding the AMP stand for if that’s any indication to how new I am at this.

So I downloaded XAMPP and installed it on my Windows 7 64bit OS.  I didn’t run anything as a service because I didn’t want to add additional processes to my start-up routine.  So I tried to fire up the Apache service from the XAMPP Control panel (v.3.0.12) and it starts and immediately shuts down.  I have my suspicions that it may be conflicting with my IIS utilizing port 80.  So I step into the config file (httpd.conf) and change the port and now I’m up and running it appears.


If you are a XAMPP guru or even a PHP guru, let me know as I’m about to perform the equivalent of swimming across the English Channel and would like a personal floatation device to keep me bouyed in this endeavor.


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