Import/Export Data: Position Matters!

Just ran a test to determine why my data wasn’t showing up after importing elements into an Orchard site.  Ran a comparison from the data that was built manually into the site, and the data that was imported:  I discovered the only difference in the data for the Content Types was the Common_IdentityPartRecord.Id field was different (swapped) for some content items.  I went back to my import package (xml file) and rearranged the content so that the order flowed logically (ContentType Parent created first, then ContentType Child, then Widget instead of ContentType Child, then Parent then Widget like the Export Feature ordered them) and presto!  The data for my control is now rendering!

No explanation as of yet why this is the case.  This cost me some considerable time to troubleshoot and I wanted to post this to assist anyone trying to figure out why their data from using the import feature is imported, but your site still may not work as expected.

When control was built manually and it works the Common_IdentityPartRecord table looked like this:


When imported, table looks like:



2 thoughts on “Import/Export Data: Position Matters!

  1. I know this is digging up old posts, but the 4/2012 article about importing is a problem I am facing. Did you post a fix? Sorry, I’m not a programmer. Cheers.

    • I came to the conclusion that Orchard CMS is a considerably green content management system. The Import/Export module is a great concept, but hadn’t reached the level of practicality yet (not sure about now). In using it, I discovered it didn’t respect the order of the content. The content has a hierarchial structure, i.e. the parent element must be created first followed by the child elements, and the Import/Export module at the time didn’t take that into consideration. That being said, I abandoned that module and worked with my DBA to migrate content from staging to production. I was able to go live with a Real Estate Website running on Orchard, but if I had it to do over again, I would question Orchard as the CMS of choice.

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