When Installing Modules from the Orchard Gallery Fail…

Here’s another hiccup I’ve run across while working with Orchard and want to share it.  I’ve seen it documented a couple of times and I believe Bertrand Le Roy has resolved it in his replies.

From a fresh install of Orchard (very fresh, in fact) using WebMatrix, my very first step is to add the Designer Tools Modules, a jam up and jelly tight tool (to coin a phrase from a colleague of mine) for aiding with Theme design.

When I attempt to install the module from the gallery using the Install link (not Download link), I receive the following error:

Based on Bertrand’s suggested fix, I updated the Gallery Feed (located under Settings->Gallery) to use the http://packages.orchardproject.net/FeedService.svc/ feed:

Then re-attempted the download and …
I’m a happy camper!  Funny thing is though when I revert back to the original feed, it remains fixed!Well almost!  When I use http://orchardproject.net/gallery/server/FeedService.svc, I receive the following:

But if I append a forward-slash at the end of the URL: http://orchardproject.net/gallery/server/FeedService.svc/

It works!  So what’s the walk-away here?  A forward-slash can make all the difference is the success or failure of a module being installed.  Perhaps this feed link can get updated down the road in the Orchard project.


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