Orchard Lists are Modules too!

It’s embarrassing to post how long this one stumped me.  So here’s the scenario:  I’ve got my depth set and my plow trudging through some Orchard Tutorials hoping to ramp up on this in no time flat in preparation for a real estate website.  Through one of the tutorials on creating list, http://docs.orchardproject.net/Documentation/Creating-lists, I discover a discrepancy.  My version of Orchard isn’t producing the same effects as the Tutorial’s examples.  I did not have an option to create a new list of content types!  Hours later, after posting to the CodePlex discussion board, and bearing no fruit, I went for a jog, cleared my head and came back to shut down my laptop.  But just before doing so, I figured I would take one last stab at it before heading home defeated. 

Tutorial is showing a create new list option on the dashboard which I do not have:

There is a List Module that must be installed and enabled. 

Apparently, when you install Orchard from WebMatrix, you do not get the full set of “standard” modules.  It would be awfully considerate of those providing the documentation if they were to anticipate these little diversions along the way and provide Orchard Newbies with enough information that we do not have to sift hours through the Orchard to bear such little fruit.

This has taught me a very important lesson: If you’re in Orchard and things do not look as they should be, your first inclination should be to determine if you’re missing a module!  This has bitten me twice ashamedly


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