A walk through the Orchard

Orchard.Net that is!  I’m taking it a step at a time.  Looking to use this platform as the start of a real estate website.  Hoping it will be smooth and painless, but…

After installing Orchard 1.4 from WebMatrix, setting up my database (SQL Server 2008) and comparing the output of the homepage with that of similar walkthrough tutorials, I discovered I was missing something that seemed useful.  As the administrator, I did not have the edit button and dashed border around my content.  How do I edit quickly?  Aside from click, click, clicking my way through the dashboard for the first time and discovering there’s a content tab for content and a widget tab for widgets both of which are on the home page.

imageContent has a publish feature where it isn’t active as soon as you save it unless you publish it.  Widgets, on the other hand, do not.  When you click save, it’s out there!  Good to know!

Problem: Edit using Content and Widget Zones

I see this when logged in as the admin in Orchard:


I should be seeing this:


Enabling the Modules: Content Control Wrapper and Widget Control Wrapper appears to have corrected the problem:


More to come..


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